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When looking for the best installation of house alarm and monitoring systems in the greater Boston area, look no further than Middlesex Engineering & Sound. Middlesex Engineering and Sound will install your house’s security system effectively to protect you and your home from break-ins.

About Middlesex Engineering & Sound

At Middlesex Engineering & Sound, we will provide you with the best customer service for all of your home installation needs. In business since 1992, we have plenty of experience with pleasing our customers all over the greater Boston area. Our mission is to advance our leadership in quality installations by creating extraordinary and lasting experiences for our customers. With Middlesex Engineering & Sound, you will quickly find out that our work is always the highest quality, something we pride ourselves on.

The Best House Alarm and Monitoring Systems for Your Home

A fully functioning security system is not just important when and where you think you need it most. The majority of break-ins happen in broad daylight, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., when families are at work or school and 34% of burglars come right through the front door of residential homes.

Everybody wants to feel safe within the walls of their own home, but without a stellar security system, protection isn’t fully guaranteed. At Middlesex Engineering & Sound, we will install your alarm and monitoring system, making you feel significantly safer while in your home. We understand that different homes require different types of systems, and that’s why we offer installation of every type of home security system. From video surveillance to break in alarms, Middlesex Engineering & Sound will do whatever it takes to install a system that’s right for your home.

At Middlesex Engineering & Sound we offer installation of common security systems features including:

  • control panel
  • keypads
  • magnetic contacts
  • infrared motion detector
  • acoustic glass-break sensors
  • smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

along with many other security features.

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Do you want the best possible instillation of your house alarm and monitoring system? Then Middlesex Engineering & Sound is the perfect place for you. Call us today at 781-933-3140 to schedule a time for us to install your alarm system or visit us at our website, where you will find all of your options for security system instillation.

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